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How Much Do We Pay Our Crew

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

A total of $350 per day is possible.

Crew Bonus Agreement

Base Rate $300.00 per full fire line assignment day.

$25 per day bonus after 7 days of full engine pay retroactive to day 1

An additional $25 per day bonus after 14 days retroactive to day 1.

A total of $350 per day is possible. So long as you meet the time frames above and:

You are available for all dispatches, between June 15 through September 15 of the current year, when called to dispatch. You answer company phone calls immediately, but at least, no later than 30 minutes of being called. You complete every day of assignment.

You behave properly on assignment and during required rest periods between assignments while representing the company. This includes no consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, no sexual or discriminatory harassment, no fighting or obnoxious public behavior,

You do not cause the engine or crew to be demobilized at your request or as a result of your poor behavior.

You comply with your engine boss’ requests unless such request is an unreasonable danger to you or your fellow firefighters. In such an incident you, within your sound discretion, must report and record such a situation with the proper overhead on the fire line and/or with the company,

You must receive a satisfactory evaluation rating by your engine boss,

You may receive all of your required training, pack test and certifications from Peanut Pie’ free of charge as long as you, exclusively, work for us or our partners (we have many),

You must have fun at every appropriate opportunity and set a good example.

. Your duties during such travel will include: don’t distract the driver, aid in navigation, keep the engine clean of trash, clean all engine glass during stops and inspect engine for maintenance and damage. Otherwise, you may “diddle” your smart phone all day.

You will be paid the same percentage that the equipment receives of its full rate for severity duty (75%) and partial days. Such situations are rare.

The bonuses will be paid in the form of an additional paycheck at Peanut Pie’s convenience before the first of the year. We do our best to pay the base rate the first week out then every two weeks after that.


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