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The Quality We are Looking For

Engine boss qualities

Leadership: An exemplary wildland fire fighter who can take orders and give orders with equal, ability and ambition. He leads his team to success by accomplishing objectives within the parameters of safety and efficiency. He encourages team building while addressing; then correcting, their failures with practical solutions. He is goal oriented. He understands and applies “leader’s intent”.

Business sense: understands the “big picture” regarding the business that he manages. He is mindful of proper procedure by following protocols of the interagency contract, the Incident Management Team’s protocol and the policies of the company. He promotes his company.

Duty: Loves his job and does his best to excel at it. He promotes improvement of his chosen profession.

Respect: He respects his crew and tries his best to lead them well while acknowledging their contributions to the team. He is also, respectful of the incident management team and fellow firefighters.

Integrity: He is true to himself by acknowledging his weaknesses while improving himself. He reinforces his strengths and hones his skills while maintaining his humility.

Appearance: He is mindful of his team’s appearance and manners in the eyes of the public. His team is mindful of their visual presentation as well as the quality of their actions. He does not disparage nor whine in public.

Humor: He leads his crew with an emphasis on cheerfulness and moral. He can overcome adversity with a smile and determination to meet the objectives.



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